"Grief is the price we pay for love"
(Colin Murray Parkes, 1972)

Kate Kaszonyi
Gestalt Therapy

Through my personal experiences, my previous work experience and my training and experience as a psychotherapist, I have developed a deep and abiding interest in working with people struggling with grief and loss.

Training and Work Experience

My four year training in Gestalt therapy has provided me with a holistic way of working with others, without expectations and judgements and prescribed ways of doing things.

Gestalt Therapy seeks to heighten awareness of our ways of being in the world.

The Gestalt Therapist engages with the relational world of clients to foster client's capacity for growth and choice and, ultimately, to increasing their capacity for rich and meaningful living.

The philosophy of Gestalt therapy has at its core the belief in the innate wellness and natural healing capacity of us all. Digesting and assimilating loss requires a redefining of our sense of self and creating meaning in a changed world. As a Gestalt therapist, I offer a safe environment of enduring support through the transformative nature of the grieving process in which this occurs.

I also have 30 years of experience of working with people with various levels of social and personal disadvantage. People living on the social and legal fringes of our community with multiple losses and lack of social connection and support.

These experiences gave me a unique perspective on the effect of loss and grief. The impact of grief on someone’s sense of self and belonging and their lives in general and in particular their resilience, or lack of, in the face of and under the burden of, seemingly constant loss.

One of the important things that stayed with me is how they/we all continue to search for and re-create some level of value and meaning in our daily lives as we come to terms with our constant changing lives.

Personal Experience

In my own experience of grief loss and bereavement, I have at times struggled through the transformative experience of profound grief as I assimilated losses into my life to find a different sense of meaning in my world.  Through these experiences, over time I came to realize that grief, loss and bereavement are essential parts of life experience for which there is no quick fix, and limited support for, and acknowledgement of. I learned that it takes a particular kind of person to have the capacity to be able to hold the space for and support someone in profound grief.


If you would like more information on where I am coming from with Gestalt Therapy and working with grief please see the documents below.

The following paper was submitted for my Master's degree in Gestalt Therapy.

Critical Analysis of working with Grief in psychotherapy

Kate Kaszyoni, 2014