Grief Related Conditions

An overview of grief related conditions is provided as it can be difficult to differentiate between these conditions and symptoms of grief.

Anger and depression have been identified as grief related within the stages of grief. Complicated Grief (or Prolonged Grief Disorder) as well as other conditions including anxiety, stress and post traumatic stress disorder will also be covered.

Grief covers a complex range of thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions. Combine this with current personal health status, physical and mental health history, the type of relationship with the deceased person and the nature of their death. These, along with numerous other variables creates a unique individual experience of grief for each individual.

You may be experiencing symptoms of these other grief related issues and conditions for the first time as you are grieving. Or, they may be exacerbated due to your grief.

Should you relate to any of the following descriptions of related conditons   you may wish to seek further information and/or professional support:

Grief Related Conditions may include:

Complicated Grief - or Prolonged Grief Disorder (PGD)

Complicated Grief or Prolonged Grief Disorder (PGD) may occur when normal grief and loss processes appear to become 'stuck' and grief symptoms continue unresolved for months and perhaps years. [see more]


Anxiety is a healthy, natural response to potential dangers. It occurs as a desperate need for action or for something to change in order to resolve a life situation. heart rate and blood pressure may go up, sweating may become profuse and muscles tense up. Other symptoms include a sense of panic and of losing control. Or, unable to relax or sleep. [see more]

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Depression may occur as a grief related condition. Depression can be like a pervasive and persistent sadness. Indications of depression may include - difficulty in maintaining responsibilities, feelings of worthlessness and guilt as well as loss of motivation and difficulty concentrating. [see more]

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

PTSD is considered to be caused by a major traumatic event which is too painful to deal with. Post traumatic stress disorder is the only anxiety disorder that is defined as being caused by a traumatic life event. [see more]

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When grieving the loss of a loved one we may also be dealing with aspects of Anger and perhaps Depression. If caught up in the grief process for some time we may be looking at Complicated Grief (or Prolonged Grief Disorder - PGD) It may also be useful to look at other issues and conditions including Anxiety, PTSD and stress, which may have been pre existing or be grief related.