"Grief is the price we pay for love"
(Colin Murray Parkes, 1972)

What is Grief Support?

What does Grief Support look like/feel like?

The most powerful healing, in my experience as both a client and therapist, is the simple act of fully being with another human being in their frailty, vulnerability and pain.

I experience good support when I feel the empathy that comes from the complete acceptance and attention from another human being or therapist. Someone who is able to just be with me in whatever place I am in my grief. Someone who does not try to move me out of my experience with solutions or because they feel uncomfortable.

When this happens, I feel deeply seen and heard and feel the solace and power of that person’s presence.

What Grief Support Am I Offering?

I am offering compassionate grief support for you in your process and through your journey of bereavement. Support as you experience and assimilate grief and loss. And, support in your search for new meanings.

My Approach to Grief

Grief is the natural human reaction to loss and bereavement, encompassing:

  • physiological;
  • emotional;
  • psychological;
  • cognitive;
  • spiritual and
  • social dimensions of human experience

Loss as Part of Life

Grief, loss and bereavement are inevitable life experiences. Loss is part of life and the process of living, and can be experienced in the daily shifts and changes in our relationships and environments, manifesting across all aspects of our lives significantly:

  • The death of a loved one, and
  • The loss of relationships.

Other core human experiences include changes in:

  • Health;
  • work circumstances;
  • physical capabilities;
  • life stages;
  • status and security.

Characteristics of Grief

Grief is the internal process of adjusting from what has been, to the emerging newness of our changed reality and the assimilation of our loss into our lives.

While there are some common characteristics of grief, there are a myriad of ways of experiencing and dealing with grief. We can each respond to grief in unique ways with very different experiences and timeframes. And while grieving is a highly individual experience, it is also a universally normal reaction to loss with not necessarily any prescribed conclusion or outcome.

Our sense of identity and place in our world can be shaken and disturbed by the loss of:

  • people;
  • pets;
  • things;
  • places and
  • activities that are important in our lives.

Our depth of feeling around a loss is in direct relationship to the importance and significance of the person/object which has been lost. When we experience a devastating major loss, we are often challenged at every level of our lives. Simple daily routines, our engagement in the social world and our personal philosophies and world views can be deeply affected.

Depth of Suffering

Some of the losses we experience can knock us off our feet for a while and destroy our sense of equilibrium. We may find ourselves questioning fundamentals.

  • How do we find our feet again?
  • How do we get back our equilibrium in this new reality without our loved one/object in it?
  • What grief support are we looking for?

So much change can be frightening and disorienting. Our world has changed. How do we do life now? Who are we in this changed world?

We find ourselves having to redefine self and the world. We wonder if we will ever find meaning again. Some of these things can cause embarrassment and shame and we might hide away our pain and the depth of our suffering.

It is ok to take time out. Everyone processes at different paces and we all have defences that keep us safe. We can only tolerate pain for so long before we need a break from it. Our intuitive selves can do that really well and can look after us by shutting down our emotions periodically so we can have a rest.

One of the ways we, find our feet, discover new equilibrium, assimilate grief and loss and find new meaning is through seeking the kind of support that works for us.

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